Dangers of Drowsy Driving

by Petra CameronJuly 22, 2021,
Dangers of Drowsy Driving

“Drowsy driving is a serious problem in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year about 100,000 police-reported crashes involve drowsy driving and more than 70 million Americans have sleep disorders that potentially play a major factor.” (Jeff Westover)

Results in Fatalities and Serious Injuries

“One of the biggest risks is when a driver might not even know they are fatigued. Drowsy driving affects everyone, but individuals under 25 years old make up an estimated 50% or more of the drowsy driving crashes. Oftentimes, these crashes result in fatalities and serious injuries because the drowsy driver fails to use maneuvers to avoid or mitigate the crash severity.”

Jeff Westover is the Co-Owner of 911 Driving School

Can Lead to Head-on Collisions

“Some of the most devastating car accidents we have seen over the years have involved drowsy driving or drivers falling asleep at the wheel. What makes these accidents so bad is that at least one of the vehicles involved will not take any evasive action like braking or turning to avoid a head-on collision. This leads to higher speeds at the time of impact, and frequently it can lead to head-on collisions.”

Joseph Maus, Personal Injury Attorney of Maus Law Firm

Damages in Lawsuit

“Drowsy driving doesn't just jeopardize your own health; it endangers others as well. And for that reason, you could be held liable for significant damages in a lawsuit. If the injured party's legal representation is able to prove negligence on your part (for instance, if you reacted slowly, swerved out of your lane, ran a red light, etc.), you will be forced to pay for damages, pain, and suffering, and more. Additionally, if you were drowsily driving for work - let's say you are a truck driver - your employer could also be held liable for the accident.”

Jeffrey Reiff, the Founding Partner of the Reiff Law Firm

Impaired Driving

“Drowsy driving is impaired driving, period. We know that driving while impaired (e.g., under the influence of alcohol) is reckless – that’s pretty much common sense by now. Drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving, and maybe even more so because people are more likely to recognize that they are too drunk to drive than they are to say, ‘Hey, I’m tired. I shouldn’t be on the road right now.’” (Amber Gilormo)

Decreased Attention

“Just like drunk driving, drowsy driving can cause decreased attention and coordination, and increased reaction times. That can look like a driver nodding off and then drifting out of their lane into the car next to them, or even into oncoming traffic.” (Amber Gilormo)

Drowsy Driving a Truck Can be Even More Disastrous

“Truck drivers, in particular, are susceptible to drowsy driving just because of the sheer amount of driving they do. While anyone driving while fatigued is dangerous, a half-asleep truck driver behind the wheel of a semi barreling toward you is particularly terrifying, any many people have ended up paralyzed or worse when they’ve hit by a long-haul trucker after too many hours behind the wheel.”

Amber Gilormo, Founder & Attorney At Law Gilormo Injury Law

Delayed Reflexes

“Driving fatigue will affect the driver's attention, feeling, perception, thinking, judgment, will, decision and sports, etc. Suppose you continue to drive a vehicle after fatigue. In that case, you will feel sleepy, have weak limbs, inability to concentrate, decreased judgment, and even trance or instantaneous memory disappearance, delayed or premature action, operation pause or improper correction time, and other unsafe factors. Road traffic accidents are highly prone to occur. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to drive a vehicle after fatigue.” (Abby)

Decreased Judgment and Slow Response

“Decreased judgment ability, slow response, and increased operating errors when the driver is tired. When the driver is slightly tired, the gearbox will not operate in time and accurately; when the driver is moderately fatigued, the operation will be sluggish, and sometimes even forget to use; when the driver is severely fatigued, will often subconsciously operate or appear short. Time sleep phenomenon, in severe cases, will lose the ability to control the vehicle.” (Abby)

Vision is Blurry

“When the driver is tired, there will be blurry vision, backaches, and backaches, dull movements, swelling of hands and feet, lack of concentration, slow reactions, incomplete thinking, unconsciousness, anxiety, irritability, etc.”

Abby, Head of Marketing-China Baby Items 

Can Cause Damage to Self and Car

“First and foremost, it's very dangerous to drive while drowsy because you could end up passing out and risking your life by not keeping your eyes on the road. Drowsy driving also doesn't allow for you to drive well, which can end up being bad for your tires if you're bumping into curbs, swerving too much, or braking too quickly.”

Matt Seaburn, the President of Rent-a-Wheel

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