How To Open A Car Trunk with A Screwdriver?

by Elaine SmithNovember 22, 2021,
How To Open Car trunk with A Screw Driver?

First, you have to open the car's trunk from inside with a screwdriver. If it is locked, then use this same tool first, and after that, grab onto any handles or hooks on top of your vehicle for stability while opening.

I hope these tips help!

7 Steps to Open a Trunk 

If your car is locked, and you need to open your car trunk, then, first of all, you need to open your car trunk first. You can easily open your car door with a screwdriver. Here is how you can do it.

Open the Car Door

Wedge the door and frame apart with a screwdriver. It is better to insert it from a safe distance so that you don't damage any hinges, but if in order to do this successfully, one should have their eyes on both targets at once, then go right ahead!

Working quickly, reach through the opening with a coat hanger and grab hold of your key. If this is not available, then use any other tools that are long enough to bend if needed in order for them both to end up exactly where they need to be when you push down on top!

Now remove the screwdriver first and then take off any other tool you have used. Next, open the door carefully without breaking your car's locking mechanism!

Get Into the Car

Now, you can go into your car to proceed to the main part of the operation. 

Push the Car's Front Seat Forward

Collapse the front seat of your car so that you can push them forward. Push as much space in between yourself and any obstacles, such as people sitting on either side or behind you without enough room.

Remove the Back Seat

There are two bolts in the backseat of your car. Lift on the bottom, pull apart to remove it from both sides, and detach any insulation off before removing them with a wrench or pliers!

Crawl Inside the Trunk

Crawl inside the trunk and shed some light using a flashlight. If you don't have one, use your phone's flashlight.

Locate the Metal Bar

There is a horizontal metal bar that is located near your trunk's loc. If you find that bar, then yes, you are almost done. You will also see a box on the metal bar.

Turn the Box Clockwise

Access the box on that metal bar using a screwdriver. Now turn that box clockwise and open it. Now your trunk is finally open.

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