How To Reduce Cost Of Fleet Insurance?

by Elaine SmithOctober 21, 2021,
How To Reduce Cost Of Fleet Insurance?

Running a fleet business is hard enough without having to worry about your insurance. The average fleet owner spends $1,500 a year on their policy. That’s why we put together this list of these tips to help you save money and keep your business running smoothly. You can reduce the cost of your fleet insurance by up to 20%.

Install Vehicle Trackers

Vehicle tracking devices are designed to help fleets monitor their vehicles in real-time and get alerts when driven outside of their pre-set geo-fences. Installing these devices can not only lower your fleet insurance premiums but also make sure you stay compliant with local laws and regulations.

Driver Training Programs

Various companies offer driver training programs that can help reduce your cost of fleet insurance by up to 20%. The courses are taught by professional instructors who have years of experience teaching safe driving techniques. They will work with you to create a program that fits your schedule and meets all state requirements.

Install Camera Technology

Fleet owners are always looking for new ways to save money. One way is by installing camera technology in your vehicles. It can help protect drivers and passengers, reduce accidents, and improve driver behavior. It’s a great way to make sure everyone stays safe on the road while also reducing costs.

Use Low Insurance Vehicles

You can save money on your fleet insurance by using vehicles that cost less to insure. This means choosing cars with lower premiums or even switching car types entirely. For example, if you’re currently driving sedans and want to switch over to SUVs, it can save you a lot of money in terms of premiums.

Follow these tips to save money on premiums and insurance. To learn more about different types of insurances, visit Lakeville Motor’s blog section.

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