How To Remove Tint Glue From Rear Window

by Carmen PickelNovember 1, 2021,
How To Remove Tint Glue From Rear Window

Tinting is a great way to add extra privacy and cut off visibility for those inside your car. When removing the tint, there will still be some residual glue which can cause an issue with removal - but not if you know how! This article shows us ways to get rid of that pesky window film by showing what products work best on different surfaces and using common sense when deciding where/how much pressure needs to be applied at each stage.

The tint glue is a problem because it will damage your vehicle's aesthetics and value, especially if you want to sell. You should be very careful when removing the goo, as scratches are irreversible!

Step 1: Cleaning The Surface

To clean a window, start by dubbing the sponge or rag into the warm water and gently wiping. The warmth will help loosen any adhesive residue on your surface while also releasing whatever is trapped within its grasp! Be sure to be precise with how you wash so as not to scratch away at what makes up part of their design. You can let these dry before proceeding if needed, but it's important that they're spotless from the beginning until the end, just like anything else worth keeping around here at home.

Step 2: Heating The Glue

Next, you need to heat the glue with a heat gun. Set it at moderate temperature and expose it for about 10 seconds in an area where there are lots of clumps or ridges on top. You can also use blow-drying if needed!

Window tint glue is hard to get rid of, and there are many ways you can do so. You could try using detergent or other solvents, but one important thing before doing this would be to know how much temperature the heaters should reach.

Step 3: Clearing Off The Glue

To remove glue from windows, first, bring in plenty of clean water and then carefully wipe away any that's leftover on your window. Also, you can use a piece of cloth dampened with dishwashing liquid or an alcohol-free hand sanitizer instead. 

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