What Is Fleet Insurance Coverage?

by Scott HuntOctober 15, 2021,
What Is Fleet Insurance Coverage?

Are you a business owner with multiple vehicles? Fleet insurance is the perfect solution for your company. It’s designed to protect all of your commercial vehicles and their drivers so that you can focus on running your business. You won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re covered in case of an accident because we will take care of it for you.

Fleet insurance covers the different types of vehicles your business owns and uses for commercial purposes. It's available to any registered business with two or more company-owned vehicles within its fleet, whether it’s cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, or even tractors.

Fleet Insurance is the best way to ensure that all your vehicles are covered under one policy. Fleet insurance is the best way to ensure your business stays afloat if anything goes wrong with one of your vehicles. It’s also incredibly convenient. With fleet insurance, you can assign named drivers for each vehicle if necessary. 

Fleet insurance provides cover across a fleet of business vehicles. It allows you to ensure all vehicles are under one policy rather than individually, and you can get discounts on premiums when adding more cars to your policy. If any vehicle in your fleet is involved in an accident, then the whole fleet will be covered by that insurer. 

This means that if one car has been damaged or stolen, then they will pay out for all damages or thefts from that date onwards. With this type of cover, there are no limits on where you drive or who drives them as long as they are being used for business purposes only.

There are many benefits to taking out a fleet policy, including lower premiums, better coverage options, and easier claims management, making it perfect for businesses with multiple cars! Don’t wait until something happens before getting insured - speak to our experts today about protecting your entire fleet with just one simple policy.

To learn more about different types of insurances and their benefits, visit Lakeville Motor’s blog section.

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